The Deli Counter

Like the butchery, the delicatessen counter at Patrick Strainge Butchers Bampton shop features the best in British meat and produce. From home-cooked meats to traditional cheeses, here you’ll find a wide range of quality products.

Choose from a delicious selection of:

• Home-cooked cold meats
• Home-made meat pies
• Fresh free-range farm eggs
• Baguettes filled to order
• Traditional British cheeses
• Jams, preserves and pickles
• Locally produced honey
• Home-made cakes

Home-Cooked Meats

All the cooked meats in the Patrick Strainge Butchers Deli are cooked in-house. The meat used is of the same top quality as that sold over the butchery counter, and cooked to perfection. The selection of cold meats includes:

• Home-cured ham and gammon
• Roast beef
• Salt Beef
• Roast Pork
• Ox Tongue
• Faggots

Freshly Filled Baguettes

When you’re looking for a delicious, freshly-made snack at lunchtime, look no further than the Patrick Strainge Butcher Deli Counter. Here you can choose from a range of delicious fillings, hot and cold meats, and salads, each individually prepared to order.

Home-made Meat Pies

Both the fillings and the pastry which are combined to make the traditional meat pies available from the Deli Counter, are prepared and cooked in-house. Patrick Strainge Bucthers meat pies are freshly cooked, and it is not uncommon for several batches to be cooked during the course of a day. So you can be confident your meat pie is freshly prepared from only the finest Oxfordshire meat and ingredients.

The Cheese Counter

Patrick Strainge Butchers cheese counter features primarily traditional British cheeses. Only whole cheeses are bought, ensuring a superior taste and quality not found in the pre-packed varieties. If your taste runs to the Continental, the Deli Counter stocks a limited range on non-British cheese.

Free-Range Eggs

All the eggs in Patrick Strainge Butchers shop are free-range from local poultry farms. A high turn-over of stock means you can be sure your eggs have always been freshly laid. Eggs… the way they used to be!

Jams, Pickles, and Preserves

Looking for delicious top-quality:

• Jams
• Preserves
• Pickles
• Chutney

Look no further. You’ll find a wide assortment of quality preserves at Patrick Strainge Butchers in Bampton, Oxfordshire.

Locally Produced Honey

Patrick Strainge Butchers stocks pure honey produced naturally by bees in the Bampton area.

Home-made Cakes

At Patrick Strainge Butchers delicatessen counter, you’ll find a selection of home-made bread and cakes, made by a local bakery and collected daily, to delivery superb quality and flavour. Choose from a range of sponges or fruit cakes, lardy cake or flapjack, ideal for an everyday treat or special occasion.

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