Fresh Meat from Patrick Strainge

Visit Patrick Strainge Butchers, and find out for yourself what good meat really tastes like!

If you’re concerned about ‘food miles’ and want prime meat which has been locally reared and butchered, look no further than Patrick Strainge’s Bampton shop in Oxfordshire. Choose from a selection of:

• Free Range Beef
• Outdoor Reared Pork
• Free Range Lamb
• Award Winning Sausages
• Poultry
• Game (when in season)

Special Occasions

Why not celebrate your special occasions with some prime meat and poultry from Patrick Strainge Butchers:

• Christmas – Free Range Fresh Poultry and Game.
• Pig Roasts – You can hire a DIY Pig Roaster or we’ll cook and carve for you!

Prime Local Meat

The meat in Patrick Strainge Butchers is reared on local farms, ensuring you get the best quality meat which is tender and tasty. Some of the local farms are owned and managed by other members of the Strainge family. The animals are free-range, reared in lust pastures, in local area and no growth promoting additives are used.  All the meat butchered by Patrick Strainge Butchers has full traceability. Oliver regularly visits the local farms to select the animals personally, making sure only the best quality stock finds its way to your table.

Traditionally Butchered Meat

All Patrick Strainge’s meat is butchered traditionally in the shop, after being hung for at least 3 – 4 weeks in dedicated refrigerated stock rooms.  Hanging the meat improves the flavour and makes the meat tender by breaking down the fibres.

Prime Oxfordshire Beef

Where possible, only traditional British breeds of cattle are selected for Patrick Strainge Butchers. Reared on local farms, the cattle graze in the Alvescot area during the summer months.  Much of the stock is personally selected by Oliver himself, ensuring your beef is tender, delicious, and of prime quality.

Best Local Lamb

All the lamb sold in Patrick Strainge Butchers is under a year old.  The lambs come from local farms, many of which are owned by other members of the Strainge family.  The lambs, which are all free-range, have grazed in the fields close to Bampton.

Prime Pork

Pork sold by Patrick Strainge Butchers, like the rest of the shop’s meat, comes from local farms. The pigs are bred outdoors by Kelmscot Country Pork. The whole pigs are butchered in the traditional way in the Bampton shop.

Gammon, Bacon & Hams

If you’re thinking of having a great British breakfast, you’ll need some of Patrick Strainge Butchers bacon.  All the gammon, bacon, and ham in Oliver’s shop is home-cured.  Unlike the bacon normally associated with supermarkets, which is wet cured and contains large amounts of water, Oliver’s traditional dry curing method ensures a quality, tender product, which retains its natural flavour.  Both smoked and green bacon are available. Oliver’s bacon has won some coveted awards at local and national butchery competitions.

Smoked Meats

All the smoked meats at Patrick Strainge Butchers are smoked in-house using secret ingredients!

Award-winning Sausages

There’s nothing quite like the great British Banger, unless it’s a Patrick Strainge Butchers ‘Banger’. These home-made sausages have won gold awards at national level, so it’s no wonder Patrick Strainge makes around 500kg of them every week in Bampton.

If you’re one the nation’s sausage-lovers, you can choose from a wide range of traditional and popular varieties, such as:

Caramelised Onion (Gold winner in 2014 Smithfields Q Guild Awards

Old Traditional – Bampton Royal (with herbs) the favourite of Downton Abbey cast and crew – Pork and Leek

The BST (created for the Rugby World Cup. The name stands for Blood, Sweat and Tears. Ingredients include black pudding, pork, onions, and other secret ingredients!) Regional Winner of the British Sausage Week Competition.

Each week, you’ll find between 6 and 8 different varieties available. Which will you choose?

Fresh Chicken

All Patrick Strainge Butchers’ chickens are barn-reared on Oxfordshire farms. The best quality birds are selected and whole birds only are bought. All the chicken pieces sold in the shop are jointed by Patrick’s butchers.

Fresh Game

Local Game, such as pheasant and venison, are available from Patrick Strainge Butchers when in season.

Christmas Poultry & Game

When it comes to Christmas, you can be sure of getting the best quality, fresh free-range poultry from Patrick Strainge Butchers. All the birds are reared on local farms and come ready prepared for your convenience. All these birds are hand-plucked in the traditional way. You can choose from Turkey, Goose, Cockerels, Duck or Pheasant.

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